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A note about our studio

We pride ourselves on creating a Dojo that is based on respect. Respect for each other and for our individual journey to that Black Belt.

When you join our community, you will find this studio a place that you feel safe to practice a dangerous set of skills. As an adult, you learn the basics. The pace is slower as you begin to learn this new physical vocabulary, and increases as you advance. You control the pace of your learning. The "attacks" are given slowly as you learn to learn to block, kick, parry, and move. Then they come faster and faster so that you develop reflexes faster than your mind can think. Instinct kicks in and that instinct guides your body with new reflexive action that works to keep you safe, ... it's all there in your muscle memory.

Children are welcomed in by introducing them to the formalities of the studio. They will learn the basics of karate, learn to work in a group, when and how to speak up, and when to listen. As they advance, they are further challenged by learning to help teach others in class to hone their leadership skills.

We believe in creating a place where the whole family is involved. We have created Zumba classes to keep our members and their immediate family fit and moving (yes, if your child is enrolled, immediate family takes Zumba for free as does your significant other!) We have places for siblings to do homework. We have open mat policy where instructors from other studios are always welcomed in to share and teach.

We have an open mat on Friday, where you can bring a friend to work out with. When you join Arnott Kenpo Karate, you become a part of a fun, respectful evolving community. C'mon and try it out!

We are grateful to you for voting us the Number 1 Kenpo Karate Martial Arts Studio!

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We were notified that we were voted BEST MARTIAL ARTS STUDIO in Pasadena including the surrounding areas of Glendale, La Canada, San Marino, Eagle Rock, Arcadia, Sierra Madre, South Pasadena and La Crescenta. We are very grateful to have your trust. We work hard to make this the best studio possible. We thank you!

A note about our Martial Art

American Kenpo Karate is a practical martial art that will keep you safe and make you fit. We teach men, women and children, offering family discounts. At Arnott Kenpo Karate, you are in great company. Patient and challenging instructors provide individualized instruction for students of all ages.

Training in martial arts offers a great deal besides increased fitness, strength, stamina and flexibility. It provides you with choices, with confidence, with respect, and with community.

The challenge of a karate workout makes you work harder and have fun - more than any other hour spent in exercise. You become able to defend yourself against stronger opponents as you learn how to use simple principles with every move. You learn to keep yourself safe by using the attack against the attacker.

Ours is a belt system. Anyone willing to dedicate themselves to the work can earn their own Black Belt. Everyone’s path is different. Each path will be deeply challenging, and deeply rewarding.

A martial arts student has choices. If attacked, the student has trained reactions that override the fear. That training becomes imbedded in your muscles; your body moves to defend without thinking. Simply being trained, simply working at your new discipline makes it less likely you will ever have to use your new skills. You will see yourself differently and other people see you differently. You can defend yourself.

Central to our Studio is respect, respect for yourself and for each other. We work together developing our power and our control and that work makes us a community.

Whatever your background, you can succeed in Kenpo Karate. You control the pace of your learning and the level of contact.


Studio Schedule

self defense group class schedule

This is our current weekly studio schedule. It is updated here within 24 hours as it changes.

If there are any classes or class times you'd like to see in the future, please let us know. We're striving to be the best we can be.


Map & Directions

Arnott Kenpo Karate maps to our two parking lots

Studio Services Overview

Our focus is on creating a safe learning environment while making sure those we practice with are always safe. A true martial artist has not only power and strength, but absolute control. With power comes responsibility.

Our studio is available for uses outside general daily classes as follows:

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us for more information, to provide feedback or to schedule a free introductory lesson.

Address: 2012 Colorado Blvd.
City: Eagle Rock, CA
Telephone:323 999 7369
E-mail: karate at arnottkenpo.com